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Diversey Care

Diversey is a worldwide supplier of innovative solutions for all professional cleaning and hygiene. The Diversey systems and methods are applied worldwide and safeguard the highest standard of cleaning and hygiene. Diversey is aimed at building maintenance, professional kitchen hygiene Diversey machine dishwashing, Diversey sanitary facilities cleaning, Clax textile care, personal hygiene and food safety. Bekijk ook eens vloerenzonderzorgen.nl van Diversey, je vindt daar alle informatie over het onderhoud van vloeren.

For every company, from educational institutions to agriculture

Diversey's customers represent all markets and segments. On account of Diversey’s international character, Diversey can offer advantages to multinationals and big corporations, cleaning companies, the hospitality industry, healthcare institutions, governments, schools, retail companies, the petrol industry, breweries, the drink, dairy and food industry, agriculture, the food processing industry and many more institutional and industrial customers.

Every day, everywhere

Diversey positions itself as a partner for its customers. Diversey listens to the wishes of its customers and takes their time to understand the specific needs in the area of cleaning and hygiene and to respond to them. Diversey feels responsibility for the facilities under the care of our customers, to ensure that these are always clean, safe and attractive. Carel Lurvink thinks along with you. Together with Diversey, we work together to ensure we meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Every day, everywhere. 

Product range

Diversey offers a wide range of products. For years, Carel Lurvink has been a total supplier of the Diversey range of products. All the products in the Diversey range are of high quality. Carel Lurvink stocks many of the Diversey products, which ensures swift delivery. 


Most Diversey products come with product and safety and data sheets. These documents can be found with the product description of the Diversey product in the Carel Lurvink web shop. If, for some unforeseen reason, the safety data sheet is not available please contact our sales support department by phone: 053- 434 43 43 or email info@carellurvink.nl

Why Carel Lurvink

Since 1893 Carel Lurvink has been a specialist in total solutions for cleaning and safety, tailored to your needs and wants. What sets us apart is the innovative way in which we, as an experienced party, work together with both suppliers and customers. If you choose for the service of Carel Lurvink, you will get:

- Tailored advice
- A total solution that offers ease of use
- A partner who stands for durability 
- A specialist who prides itself on offering good service

As a crowning achievement, in 1993 Carel Lurvink received the royal status ‘By appointment to the court of the Netherlands’. This honors our proven quality, solidity and continuity. Would you like more information? Please contact us by phone: 0031 53- 434 43 43 or email: info@carellurvink.nl . Our employees would love to tell you how Carel Lurvink has been helping organization improve their hygiene and safety for over a century.